Ulala dances to the PlayStation 2, Chu-Chu Rocket to Game Boy Advance

[01.31.01] » Same channel, new station for both Ulala's first game and sequel, while Sonic Team's mouse-saving madness goes portable as Sega officially abandons the Dreamcast.

    Sega has finally released firm details about their new cross-platform stategy in a press release issued by Sega Europe. The statement discussed the company's upcoming shift toward third-party development and its plans to create games for the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance. Sega intends to publish 100 Dreamcast games and up to 30 titles for release on other platforms by March of 2002.

   Among the first of Sega's offerings for other systems will be the critically-acclaimed rhythm game Space Channel 5, announced as the company's first PlayStation 2 title. The port is an odd choice for Sega - though the game received good reviews and heavy advertising for its Dreamcast release, it wasn't much of a commercial success.

   Perhaps Sega hopes Ulala will find a more receptive audience on the PS2, as both the first game and recently-announced sequel will be appearing on the system. Also announced for PS2 is the next installment in the Virtua Fighter series, Japanese-only strategy RPG Sakura Wars, and Crazy Taxi among others.

    The company also announced the first titles to appear on the Game Boy Advance, including a Sonic title and acclaimed puzzle games Chu-Chu Rocket and Puyo Puyo. As negotiations for more games on more systems continue, expect further announcements along these lines as Sega begins what the company calls a "platform agnostic" strategy.

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