First Dr. Mario 64 screens, details

[01.22.00] » The first look at the N64's last puzzle game.

    Following Dr. Mario 64's mysterious appearance on Nintendo's official US release schedule, Nintendoweb has gotten a hold of the first screens from the game, as well as a few details. Like the N64 update of Tetris Attack, Pokémon Puzzle League, Dr. Mario 64 looks to retain the core gameplay of its predecessor, while adding a graphical upgrade and a few new features.

   The most notable of these is a brand new 4-player mode. To accommodate the 4-player action, the game will have a new roster of playable characters; the early screenshots show off Mario himself, Wario, an unknown bearded man, and an odd creature who bears more than a passing resemblance to Mr. Hankey. But the game's most welcome feature may be its price -- Nintendo has announced the game will retail for a mere $29.95, making it even more affordable than the "budget priced" Player's Choice games. Dr. Mario 64 is set for a April 9 release in the US.

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