New Shenmue II details, screens

[01.21.01] » Shenmue II details surface. (Shenmue spoilers included.)

    Shenmue The Movie's recent unveiling ended with Ryo arriving in Hong Kong, then the words "The Story Goes On Shenmue II" appeared on the screen. Not one to miss out on a coup de grāce, Yu Suzuki greeted the closed session audience and followed by making known several new Shenmue II details. The highly anticipated title would be released sometime this year on 4 GD-ROMs. He also stated he wishes to release the game prior to the launch of Microsoft's juggernaut, Xbox.

   Along with the new screens, Gamewatch has confirmed the identity of the unnamed girl first seen in a Christmas card from Suzuki. Her name is Joey or Joy, rides a Honda Black Bird motorcycle, and should prove to be one of the main characters in Shenmue II. Whether or not she'll be one of Ryo's love interests remains to be seen.

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Shenmue II
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