New Shenmue II character details

[01.26.01] » Three sultry sirens join Shenmue II ranks. (Shenmue spoilers included.)

    Japan's Official Dreamcast Magazine has unveiled more information of the game's three new female characters. Joy, the previously unveiled red-haired bombshell, is described as kind hearted, but also blunt and selfish. Raised by her father, Ryou Shunun, -- who now runs the harbor -- after the death of her mother. Shuei Kou, the brown-haired girl who first makes a cameo appearance in Shenmue as Ryo's pen pal. Though a girl of few words, her affinity for traditional Chinese culture may help Ryo unravel the mysteries of the Phoenix Mirror. The last character revealed is a trustworthy, but intrusive 15 year old girl, Kun Fan Mei.

    Similar to Shenmue's Ryo, Nozomi and Shenhua love triangle, speculation points to Ryo being invloved in a potential relationship with Joy, Shuei Kou and Shenhua. Those interested can find supplementary pictures of the game's two new additions in our previous story.

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Shenmue II
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