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Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Black Matrix Strategy RPG None Preview
Blue Stinger Adventure 09.09.99 Preview
Carrier Adventure 02.20.00 Preview
Chu-Chu Rocket Puzzle 03.07.00 Review (4)
D2 Adventure 08.22.00 Review (2)
Elemental Gimmick Gear Action RPG 12.28.99 Preview
El Dorado Gate Action RPG None Preview
Evolution Traditional RPG 12.16.99 Vault
Evolution 2 Traditional RPG 06.29.00 Review (2)
Grandia II Traditional RPG 12.08.00 Review (5)
Hundred Swords Strategy None Preview
Illbleed Adventure 04.25.01 Review (2)
Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage Adventure 06.01.00 Preview
Langrisser Millennium Strategy RPG None Preview
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Adventure 01.27.00 Review (3)
Maken X Adventure 04.26.00 Preview
Omikron: The Nomad Soul Adventure 06.22.00 Preview
Phantasy Star Online Multiplayer RPG 01.31.01 Review (5)
Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 Multiplayer RPG 09.25.01 Review (4)
Record of Lodoss War Action RPG 03.17.01 Review (2)
Resident Evil: Code Veronica Adventure 03.22.00 Review (4)
Rez Rhythm None (for DC) Review (5-PS2)
Rhapsody of Zephyr Strategy RPG None Preview
Sakura Taisen 3 Strategy RPG None Preview
Samba de Amigo Rhythm 10.18.00 Review (5)
Samba de Amigo 2001 Rhythm None Preview
Seaman Simulation 08.09.00 Review (3)
Sengoku Turb Action RPG None Preview
Seventh Cross Strategy RPG 12.21.99 Preview
Shenmue FREE 11.08.00 Review (4)
Shenmue II (European import) FREE None (for DC) Review (4)
Skies of Arcadia Traditional RPG 11.15.00 Review (5)
Sorcerian Action RPG None Preview
Space Channel 5 Rhythm 06.06.00 Review (4)
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Rhythm None (for DC) Preview
Tetris 4D Puzzle None Preview
Time Stalkers (Climax Landers) Action RPG 03.22.00 Preview
Under Cover Adventure None Preview
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Game Boy Advance
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Advance Wars Strategy RPG 09.10.01 Review (4)
Bomberman Tournament Puzzle 06.11.01 Review (4)
Breath of Fire Traditional RPG 11.01 Preview
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Action RPG 06.11.01 Review (4)
ChuChu Rocket Puzzle 06.11.01 Review (4)
Columns Crown Puzzle 01.25.02 Preview
Fire Emblem: Maiden of the Dark Strategy RPG Unknown Preview
Golden Sun Traditional RPG 11.13.01 Review (4)
Magical Vacation Action RPG Unknown Preview
Mega Man Battle Network Action RPG 10.01 Review (4)
Mega Man Battle Network 2 Action RPG Unknown Preview
Monster Rancher Advance Simulation 11.29.01 Review (3)
Napoleon Strategy Unknown Preview
Puyo Puyo Puzzle Unknown Preview
Tactics Ogre Gaiden Strategy RPG Unknown Preview
Z.O.E 2173 Testament Action RPG Unknown Preview
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Game Boy Color
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Crystalis Action RPG 06.27.00 Review (4)
Devil Children Traditional RPG None Preview
Devil Children: White Book Traditional RPG None Preview
Dragon Warrior I+II Traditional RPG 09.21.00 Review (4)
Dragon Warrior III Traditional RPG 07.17.01 Review (4)
Dragon Warrior Monsters Traditional RPG 01.28.00 Review (3)
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Traditional RPG 09.16.01 Review (3)
Final Fantasy Legend III Traditional RPG 1992 Vault
Grandia: Parallel Trippers Traditional RPG None Preview
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Adventure 12.15.98 Review (5)
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Adventure 05.14.01 Review (4)
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Adventure 05.14.01 Review (4)
Lufia: The Legend Returns Traditional RPG 09.01 Review (2)
Metal Gear Solid Adventure 04.26.00 Review (4)
Monster Rancher Battle Card GB Trading Card RPG 04.17.00 Preview
Pokémon Crystal Traditional RPG 08.31.01 Preview
Pokémon Pinball Pinball Adventure 06.28.99 Review (5)
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge Puzzle 12.04.00 Preview
Pokémon Gold and Silver Traditional RPG 10.16.00 Review (5)
Pokémon Trading Card Game Trading Card RPG 04.10.00 Review (4)
Pokémon Yellow Traditional RPG 10.19.99 Review (1)
Quest: Brian's Journey Traditional RPG 02.03.00 Preview
Revelations: The Demon Slayer Traditional RPG 08.20.99 Preview
Sakura Taisen Strategy RPG None Preview
Shadowgate Classic Puzzle 01.25.99 Preview
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Traditional RPG None Preview
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Traditional RPG None Preview
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Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Movie 07.11.01 Review (3)
Pokémon: The First Movie Movie 11.10.99 Review (3)
Pokémon The Movie 2000 Movie 07.21.00 Review (3)
Pokémon 3: The Movie Movie 04.06.01 Preview
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Neo Geo Pocket Color
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Evolution Traditional RPG None Preview
Faselei! Strategy RPG None Preview
Ogre Battle Gaiden Strategy None Preview
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Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Bionic Commando Adventure 12.88 Vault
Bubble Bobble Puzzle 1988 Vault
Deja Vu Adventure 1990 Vault
Dragon Warrior Traditional RPG 1989 Vault
Dragon Warrior III Traditional RPG 1991 Vault
Dragon Warrior IV Traditional RPG 1992 Vault
Final Fantasy Traditional RPG 1990 Vault
Maniac Mansion Adventure 1990 Vault
Metroid Action 1987 Vault
Ultima: Quest of the Avatar Traditional RPG 1990 Vault
The Legend of Zelda Adventure 1986 Vault
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Action RPG 1988 Vault
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Nintendo 64
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage Traditional RPG 03.20.01 Review (1)
Animal Forest Simulation Unknown Preview
Bomberman 2 Puzzle 05.29.00 Preview
Bust-A-Move 3 Puzzle Q1 1999 Preview
Dr. Mario 64 Puzzle 04.09.01 Review (3)
Harvest Moon 64 Simulation 12.14.99 Review (3)
Hey You, Pikachu! Puzzle 11.06.00 Review (3)
Hybrid Heaven Action RPG 09.01.99 Preview
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Adventure 10.24.00 Review (5)
Mickey's Magical Tetris Challenge Puzzle 01.99 Preview
Ogre Battle 64 Strategy RPG 10.05.00 Review (5)
Paper Mario Traditional RPG 02.05.01 Review (5)
Pokémon Puzzle League Puzzle 09.25.00 Review (5)
Pokémon Snap Adventure 07.27.99 Review (4)
Pokémon Stadium N/A 03.06.00 Review (4)
Pokémon Stadium 2 N/A 03.26.00 Review (4)
Quest 64 Action RPG 06.11.98 Vault
Resident Evil 2 Adventure 11.17.99 Preview
Shadowgate 64 Adventure 06.09.99 Review (4)
Tetris 64 Adventure 04.26.99 Preview
WinBack Adventure 10.19.99 Preview
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Nintendo GameCube
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Animal Forest Plus Simulation Unknown Preview
Pikmin Strategy 12.01 Review (5)
Super Monkey Ball Puzzle 11.06.01 Review (4)
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Sega CD
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Panic! Puzzle Adventure 1994 Vault
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Sega Genesis
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Phantasy Star II Traditional RPG 1989 Vault
Shining Force Strategy RPG 1993 Vault
Shining Force II Strategy RPG 1994 Vault
Sword of Vermilion Action RPG 1990 Vault
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Sega Master System
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Phantasy Star Action RPG 1988 Vault
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Sega Saturn
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Panzer Dragoon Saga Action RPG 05.98 Vault
Sakura Taisen Strategy RPG 09.27.96 (Japan) Vault
Shining Force III Strategy RPG 06.98 Vault
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Sony PlayStation
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Aconcagua Adventure None Preview
Alundra 2 Action RPG 03.22.00 Review (1)
Arc the Lad Strategy RPG 02.02 Preview
Arc the Lad II Strategy RPG 02.02 Preview
Arc the Lad III Strategy RPG 02.02 Preview
Baroque Traditional RPG None Preview
Breath of Fire IV Traditional RPG 11.30.00 Review (3)
Brigandine Strategy RPG 11.13.98 Review (4)
Bust-a-Groove 2 Rhythm 08.22.00 Review (2)
Bust-a-Move 4 Puzzle 12.09.98 Preview
Castlevania Symphony of the Night Adventure 10.02.97 Vault
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Action RPG 12.17.00 Review (2)
Chrono Cross Traditional RPG 08.15.00 Review (5)
Clock Tower II Adventure 10.28.99 Preview
Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn Adventure 06.06.00 Review (2)
Dance Dance Revolution Rhythm 03.01 Review (5)
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix Rhythm 09.18.01 Review (3)
Deception III Puzzle 02.23.00 Review (4)
Dino Crisis Adventure 09.16.99 Preview
Dino Crisis 2 Adventure 09.30.00 Preview
Dragon Warrior IV Traditional RPG Unknown Preview
Dragon Warrior VII Traditional RPG 11.01.01 Review (4)
Dragon Valor Traditional RPG 10.18.00 Preview
Echo Night Adventure 07.22.99 Preview
Eternal Eyes Strategy RPG 11.01 Review (3)
Evil Dead: Hail to the King Adventure 12.06.00 Review (1)
Fear Effect Adventure 02.25.00 Review (3)
Fear Effect: Retro Helix Adventure 02.20.01 Review (4)
Final Fantasy VII Traditional RPG 09.07.97 Vault
Final Fantasy VIII Traditional RPG 09.09.99 Review (5)
Final Fantasy IX Traditional RPG 11.14.00 Review (5)
Final Fantasy Anthology Traditional RPG 10.05.99 Review (4)
Final Fantasy Chronicles Traditional RPG 06.29.01 Review (4)
Final Fantasy Tactics Strategy RPG 01.27.98 Vault
Front Mission 3 Strategy RPG 03.22.00 Review (5)
Galerians Adventure 03.09.00 Review (2)
Grandia Traditional RPG 10.26.99 Review (3)
Granstream Saga Traditional RPG 6.19.98 Vault
Growlanser Traditional RPG None Preview
Guardian's Crusade Traditional RPG 02.14.99 Review (2)
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Simulation RPG Q4 2000 Review (5)
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth Strategy RPG 12.19.01 Review (2)
Incredible Crisis Mini-game Adventure 11.21.00 Review (4)
Jade Cocoon Traditional RPG 07.27.99 Vault
Kartia: The Word of Fate Strategy RPG 08.18.98 Vault
Khamrai Traditional RPG None Preview
Koudelka Traditional RPG 06.29.00 Review (2)
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Adventure 01.27.00 Review (3)
Legend of Dragoon Traditional RPG 06.13.00 Review (1)
Legend of Legaia Traditional RPG 03.17.99 Review (3)
Legend of Mana Action RPG 06.06.00 Review (4)
Lunar: Silver Star Story Traditional RPG 05.28.99 Review (4)
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Traditional RPG 12.14.00 Review (4)
Megaman Legends Adventure 09.15.98 Vault
Megaman Legends 2 Adventure 10.25.00 Review (4)
Metal Gear Solid Adventure 10.26.98 Vault
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions Adventure 10.13.99 Review (4)
Misadventures of Tron Bonne Varied 05.05.00 Review (4)
Monster Rancher 2 Breeding RPG 09.03.99 Review (4)
No One Can Stop Mr. Domino Puzzle 12.01.98 Preview
PaRappa the Rapper Rhythm 11.19.97 Vault
Parasite Eve Action RPG 09.09.98 Vault
Parasite Eve II Action RPG 09.13.00 Review (2)
Persona Traditional RPG 11.96 Vault
Persona 2: Innocent Sin Traditional RPG None Preview
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Traditional RPG 12.15.00 Review (3)
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Adventure 11.11.99 Preview
Rhapsody Strategy RPG 07.01.00 Review (3)
RPG Maker RPG Creator 09.19.00 Review (4)
SaGa Frontier Traditional RPG 03.24.98 Vault
SaGa Frontier 2 Traditional RPG 02.08.99 Review (4)
Saiyuki: Journey West Strategy RPG 08.14.01 Review (4)
Shadow Madness Traditional RPG 05.29.99 Review (2)
Shin Megami Tensei Traditional RPG None Preview
Shin Megami Tensei II Traditional RPG None Preview
Silent Hill Adventure 02.02.99 Vault
Soul Hackers Traditional RPG None Preview
Soul of the Samurai Adventure 08.25.99 Preview
Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain Adventure 08.13.99 Review (3)
Star Ocean: The Second Story Action RPG 06.09.99 Review (3)
Suikoden Traditional RPG 12.28.96 Vault
Suikoden II Traditional RPG 09.28.99 Review (4)
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Puzzle 01.22.97 Vault
Syphon Filter II Adventure 03.15.00 Preview
Tactics Ogre Strategy RPG 05.01.98 Vault
Tales of Destiny II Action RPG 09.19.01 Review (4)
Tales of Phantasia Traditional RPG None Preview
Thousand Arms Traditional RPG 10.14.99 Review (4)
Threads of Fate (formerly Dewprism) Action RPG 07.18.00 Review (3)
Torneko: The Last Hope Action RPG 11.16.00 Review (2)
Um Jammer Lammy Rhythm 08.17.99 Review (4)
Vagrant Story Adventure 05.17.00 Review (5)
Valkyrie Profile Traditional RPG 08.29.00 Review (3)
Vandal Hearts Strategy RPG 03.27.97 Vault
Vandal Hearts 2 Strategy RPG 11.30.99 Review (3)
Vanguard Bandits Strategy RPG 06.28.00 Review (3)
Vib Ribbon Rhythm None Preview
Wild Arms Traditional RPG 05.97 Vault
Wild Arms 2 Traditional RPG 05.02.00 Review (3)
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Sony PlayStation 2
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
The Adventures of Cookie & Cream Puzzle 05.29.01 Preview
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Action RPG 12.06.01 Review (3)
Dark Cloud Action RPG 05.30.01 Review (3)
Devil May Cry Adventure 11.15.01 Review (3)
Drummania Rhythm None Preview
Ephemeral Fantasia Traditional RPG 07.11.01 Review (1)
Escape from Monkey Island Puzzle 06.19.01 Review (3)
Eternal Ring Action RPG 10.26.00 Review (2)
Evergrace Action RPG 10.26.00 Review (2)
Fantavision Puzzle 10.26.00 Review (3)
Fatal Frame Adventure 03.05.02 Review (4)
Final Fantasy X Traditional RPG 12.19.01 Review (5)
Forever Kingdom Action RPG 11.01 Preview
Frequency Rhythm action 11.20.01 Review (2)
Gitaroo-Man Rhythm 02.02 Review (5)
Grandia II Traditional RPG 12.01 Review (5-DC)
Growlanser II Traditional RPG Unknown Preview
Growlanser III Action RPG Unknown Preview
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Simulation 10.19.01 Review (4)
ICO Adventure 09.27.01 Review (5)
Jade Cocoon 2 Traditional RPG 12.18.01 Review (3)
Kessen Strategy 10.26.00 Review (4)
Kessen 2 Strategy 09.27.01 Review (3)
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 Adventure 10.31.01 Review (3)
Legend of Alon D'ar Action RPG Unknown Preview
Maken Shao Adventure None Preview
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Adventure 11.13.01 Review (5)
Monster Rancher 3 Breeding RPG 09.20.01 Review (4)
Okage: Shadow King Traditional RPG 10.03.01 Review (3)
Onimusha Adventure 03.14.01 Review (4)
Orphen: Scion of Sorcery Action RPG 10.26.00 Review (2)
PaRappa the Rapper 2 Rhythm Unknown Review (3)
Phase Paradox Adventure Unknown Preview
Rez Rhythm 01.02 Review (5)
Ring of Red Strategy RPG 03.14.01 Review (2)
Seven Traditional RPG None Preview
Shadow of Destiny Adventure 03.06.01 Review (4)
Shadow Hearts Traditional RPG 12.13.01 Review (3)
Silent Hill 2 Adventure 09.26.01 Review (5)
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Rhythm Unknown Preview
Summoner RPG 10.26.00 Review (1)
Super Bust A Move Puzzle 11.25.00 Review (3)
Tsugunai Traditional RPG 11.01 Review (3)
TVDJ Rhythm None Preview
Unison: Rebels of Rhythm and Dance Rhythm 03.24.01 Review (2)
Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land Traditional RPG 12.21.01 Review (3)
Zero Adventure Unknown Preview
Zone of the Enders Action RPG 03.27.01 Review (3)
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Super NES
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
7th Saga Traditional RPG 1993 Vault
Actraiser Action / Simulation 1991 Vault
Chrono Trigger Traditional RPG 09.95 Vault
Earthbound Traditional RPG 1993 Vault
Final Fantasy IV Traditional RPG 1991 Vault
Final Fantasy VI Traditional RPG 1994 Vault
Front Mission Strategy RPG None Vault
Illusion of Gaia Action RPG 1994 Vault
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice Adventure 1995 Vault
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Adventure 1992 Vault
Lost Vikings Puzzle 1992 Vault
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom Traditional RPG 1993 Vault
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Traditional RPG 1996 Vault
Robotrek Traditional RPG 1994 Vault
Secret of Mana Action RPG 1993 Vault
Soul Blazer Action RPG 1992 Vault
Super Mario RPG Traditional RPG 05.96 Vault
Tetris Attack Puzzle 1996 Vault
Uncharted Waters Simulation 1991 Vault
Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons Simulation 1994 Vault
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Turbo Duo
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Ys Book I and II: Ancient Ys Vanished Adventure 1990 Vault
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys Action RPG 1991 Vault
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Wonderswan Color
Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Blue Wing Blitz Strategy RPG None Preview
Final Fantasy Traditional RPG None Preview
Final Fantasy II Traditional RPG None Preview
Final Fantasy III Traditional RPG None Preview
WildCard Trading Card RPG None Preview
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Title Genre U.S. Release Status
Azurik: Rise of Perathia Adventure Unknown Review (1)
Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Adventure 12.01 Preview
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