No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!

   No one has ever accused Artdink of being derivative. Of habitual substance-abuse, certainly; some of their games are weird almost beyond belief. Carnage Heart was the first game to ever let you wield a flowchart the way Paul Phoenix wields a 10-hit combo. Tail of the Sun was less of a game than a Caveman Simulator. Artdink even created a title where the goal was to be the world's greatest cartographer -- you won if your maps were more accurate than anyone else's. Given their past titles, Mr. Domino (full name: "No One Can Stop Mr. Domino") looks downright normal.

   Mr. Domino features a tiny anthropomorphic domino who runs around, creates copies of himself, and knocks things over. He does this over and over and over again. You can choose from two characters and adjust the numbers on their top and bottom halves (exactly what this does is uncertain). Each level has a certain number of devices which must be activated within the time limit. To activate them, Mr. Domino sets up dominos in lines and chains just so. Set off the reactions to solve the puzzles. Complete the level in time to receive bonus points and move on to another, more difficult stage.

   The level design is creative -- parlor games and household rooms are blown up to extraordinary size. The pacing is frenetic and energetic. The game is odd yet undeniably creative; quirky, to be sure, but surprisingly addicting. In a welcome move, Acclaim is pricing Mr. Domino at a special $29.99 price point, perfect for a smaller, off-beat title like this. Gamers looking for some good, old-fashioned puzzling fun shouldn't pass this one up.

   Before playing, be aware the Five Stages of Mr. Domino Addiction (as reported by Official PlayStation Magazine):

    ("What the hell is that....?")
    ("Heh, heh. What a silly little game....")
    ("I'm only playing until the next level.")
    ("I'm only playing until I get to the next level-and this time I mean it. DO YOU HEAR ME MR. DOMINO?!?! ONLY ONE MORE!!!")
    ("I love you Mr. Domino.")

Preview by Andrew Vestal.
Mr. Domino
Developer Artdink
Publisher Acclaim
Genre Puzzle
Medium CD (1)
Platform Sony Playstation
Release Date  12.01.98
Mr. Domino ships
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