The Adventures of Cookie & Cream
   If you thought you'd seen the last of bizarrely-drawn crack rabbit adventures with Vib-Ribbon, you were wrong. While it might lack the musical flair of Vib-Ribbon, From Software's The Adventures of Cookie & Cream (AKA Kuri Kuri Mix in Japan) has plenty of goofy graphics and wacky characters. And, unlike Vibri, their game has already been confirmed for a North American release.
Story scene
Penguins galore

   The Adventures of Cookie & Cream stars two rabbits named, unsurprisingly, Cookie and Cream. Cookie, the extremely vain yellow rabbit, wears on his head on a flowerpot with a live tulip growing in it. Cream, Cookie' athletic pink counterpart, settles for a multi-colored umbrella. (Two wise chickens also accompany the duo as advisors.) Together, they must overcome a series of Incredible Crisis-style timed minigames to obtain the Holy Gem necessary for the rabbits' annual Carrot Festival. Each hero has his own special skill and musical instrument: Cookie feigns sleep and plays the guitar, while Cream performs a spinning throw and carries a pair of maracas.

 Four-player frenzy
Multi-playing like rabbits

   Split-screen cooperative gameplay figures heavily into The Adventures of Cookie & Cream. Cookie is controlled with one side of the controller and Cream with the other, allowing two players to team up with only one controller. (Of course, it's also possible to play alone by commanding both sides of the controller.) More competitive gamers can enjoy the battle mode, in which up to four players take control of one rabbit each and compete for points. Since two characters fit onto a single controller, four gamers can convene without the use of a multitap.

   The Adventures of Cookie & Cream looks to meld the same oddball design that made cult classics out of Incredible Crisis and ChuChu Rocket with a strong multiplayer component. Agetec will release this wacky adventure sometime in the first half of 2001.

Preview by Ryan Rumberger, GIA.
The Adventures of Cookie & Cream
Developer From Software
Publisher Agetec
Genre Puzzle
Medium DVD-ROM (1)
Platform Sony PlayStation 2
Release Date  12.07.00
 1st half 2001
Agetec announces Kuri Kuri Mix for U.S. release
7 screenshots / Opening movie
4 character designs / 6 wallpaper images
North American box art