Sakura Taisen GB

   Your eyes deceive you not. Sega is publishing a game for a Nintendo system. As the company has no portable hardware of its own, Sega's ever-popular Sakura Taisen franchise had only one place to go when it metamorphosed into portable form: the Game Boy Color. Developed by Media Factory, the simply-titled Sakura Taisen GB presents a brand new chapter in Red Company's strategy RPG saga.
 Sakura Taisen
Outside headquarters

   Gameplay seems much the same as the original Sakura Taisen and its sequels -- traditional strategy-RPG action mixed with dating elements and the occasional mini-game. While the Game Boy graphics obviously can't match the anime scenes of the Saturn and Dreamcast games, what you do see ranks among the most detailed on the system.

   The big difference is the change in the lead character. Instead of playing as Hanagumi leader Oogami, you step into the shoes of an unnamed new Hanagumi recruit. (Oogami still appears in the game, just as an NPC.) Another new feature is the ability to receive special codes that can be entered into the Dreamcast Sakura Taisen 3 to unlock extra features or scenes.

   Though the three Dreamcast Sakura Taisen games will likely see an English release sooner or later, the Game Boy version's chances are much slimmer -- the game's niche market doesn't generally overlap with the Game Boy market. .

Preview by Fritz Fraundorf, GIA.
Sakura Taisen GB
Developer Media Factory
Publisher Sega
Genre Strategy RPG
Medium Cartridge (? mb)
Platform Game Boy Color
Release Date  Spring 2000
Sakura Taisen 3 announced
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7 character designs