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"What is your favorite color?"
   Death lurks around every corner ... undead creatures and traps threaten your untimely demise. Enigmatic puzzles taunt from all sides. Never played in the dark, the mere whisper of its name sends shivers down gamers' spines. Sound like a certain "Survival Horror" game? It's not -- the title is Shadowgate, and it scarred young minds forever when it hit the NES in 1989. Ten years later, it's coming to the Game Boy Color, chilling as ever.

   Adventuring is done from a first-person perspective with a LucasArts-like interface. Gather items, solve puzzles, outwit enemies, save often, and keep those torches lit! Things go bump in the night threaten to dismember you at every turn. Your quest: to stop the evil wizard from reviving the dread Behemoth. Your only clue is a mysterious legend ...

Five to find, three are one. 
One gives access, the bladed sun. 
The silver orb, to banish below. 
The staff of ages, to vanquish the foe. 
Joining two, the golden blade. 
The last to invoke, the platinum horn.

   Identical in every way to the NES original, Shadowgate Classic is worth another look (or a first, for you newbies). Kemco should be commended for reviving one of their greatest franchises. With Shadowgate Classic for Game Boy Color and two (!) Nintendo 64 titles in the works, the gaming world is a darker place indeed -- and that's a good thing.

Preview by Andrew Vestal.
Shadowgate Classic
Developer Infinity Ventures
Publisher Kemco
Genre Adventure RPG
Medium Cartridge
Platform Game Boy Color
Released 01.25.99
12 screen shots