About Vaulted games

   GIA's focus is, and will always be, upcoming titles. Nevertheless, we can't ignore our rich gaming heritage! Older games -- those released before the GIA was founded -- are eligible for "vaulted" coverage. We won't cover these titles the way we cover upcoming titles, however. Instead, we'll provide some movies and screen shots, a FAQ or two to help gamers who might be playing it, and an in-depth retrospective on the title. What made the title successful (or a failure)? Why is it worth remembering? If you've played the game before, you'll remember what you loved so much about it. If you haven't played it before, you'll understand what the game was about. We feel that most gamers will find this far more useful and interesting than, say, three hundred screen shots of Faxanadu.

   Please don't request titles to be Vaulted. We'll get to 'em when we get to 'em. Thanks!

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