Tetris 64

4-Player Mayhem
Back with another one of those block-droppin' beats

   It's Tetris; you know how to play.

   Modes include Marathon, which is traditional "until you die" Tetris; Sprint, which is a three-minute "time-attack" mode; and Ultra, wherein one tries for the largest lines per minute ratio. In a graphical twist, everytime you make a certain number of rows, a "Wonder of the World" begins to form, piece by piece, in the background.

   There's also a 4-player competitive mode, which should help resolve disputes over "who's the best?" once and for all. Interestingly, a game named Tetris 64 was published by Seta in Japan recently. This title, originally called "Bio Tetris," had a "bio-feedback" clip you could attach to your ear that affected game speed. Tetris 64 on this side of the Pacific, however, is an entirely different title from Blue Planet Software. Tetris fans, rejoice this April!

Preview by Andrew Vestal.
Tetris 64
Developer Blue Planet Software
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Puzzle
Medium Cartridge
Platform Nintendo 64
Release Date  4.26.99
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