After the atrocity known as Bubsy 3D, it seemed that Eidetic didn't have a great future in the game development business. But, lo and behold, the company made a miraculous turn-around with its second effort and wound up creating one of 1999's biggest sleeper hits: Syphon Filter. Now, having put its shameful past behind itself, the company is already putting the final touches on a sequel, logically titled Syphon Filter 2.

Fight, Gabe! For everlasting peace!

   Given the quick turn-around time between Syphon Filter 1 and 2, it's not surprising that the sequel re-uses the same game engine as its predecessor. The biggest improvement is the ability to play as former sidekick Lian Xing in addition to the original hero, Gabriel Logan. Unjustly accused of spreading the Syphon Filter virus that the first game centered around, the two agents are out to clear their names and unmask the conspiracy behind the Agency that once employed them.

   Doing this entails sneaking and fighting through over 20 different levels, eight of which feature Lian Xing. However, as with the first game, you'll spend much more fighting than sneaking. Fortunately, your characters come armed for the job -- over 25 weapons and other gadgets comprise your inventory, including tear gas, a nightvision rifle, and even a flamethrower. And for enhanced pain-dealing efficiency, you can now lock onto an enemy and keep firing even as you climb, run, or roll about.

Versus mode
The Bag Lady cometh

   Another major improvement comes in the form of a multiplayer mode. Although limited to two players, this mode allows players to select from a variety of game characters -- both good and bad -- and spend countless heart-warming moments running around shooting at each other. Finally, save points have been added into the levels themselves; the first game only allowed you to record your data after each mission was completed.

   Like most sequels, Syphon Filter 2 is adopting a "more of the same" philosophy. Given that the first game topped PlayStation sales charts for months after its release, that's far from an unjustifiable philosophy. Fans of the original -- and there certainly are plenty -- will certainly want to take a look at Syphon Filter 2 when it debuts in March.

Preview by Fritz Fraundorf, GIA.
Syphon Filter 2
Developer Eidetic
Publisher SCEA
Genre Adventure
Medium CD (2)
Platform Sony PlayStation
Release Date  03.15.99
Syphon Filter 2 in 2000
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