Best known for the classic Genesis series Landstalker, developer Climax returns to their roots with the self-titled Climax Landers. Combining the classic Zelda-like gameplay with the Dreamcast's seemingly limitless graphical prowess, this is the current RPG to beat.

   Lead a single character (from a cast of several) through a variety of richly detailed environments. These areas are a whole sort of general mishmash of different time periods and areas, so the architecture constantly varies and will never be boring. Your character gains experience, items, weapons, and knowledge on his or her quest - and since dungeons are randomly generated each game, no two quests will be exactly alike!

   The main character, Sword, is a happy-go-lucky swordsman who finds himself, much agaisnt his will, at the center of an epic quest. He is joined by a motley cast of compatriots. Ryle, a character from Landstalker, is a 91-year-old thief. Rao is a half-man, half-lion warrior. Lady, from the Japanese-only Ladystalker (Ladystalking is illegal in most states), is a skilled martial artist. Marlin, a powerful sorceress, comes from Shining in the Darkness. Marion (perhaps from Marionette?) is a programmed doll or robot whose origins are an enigma to all.

   But wait, there's more! Buy a full-fledged, gorgeous Dreamcast title, and developers Climax will toss in an entertaining VMS unit game absolutely free! Guide your hero through randomly generated dungeons, collecting foodstuffs, gold, and even weapons that can be tranferred to the console title. Kill enemies to survive -- or tame them and transfer them to the console title to flourish. Now how much would you pay!

   Let's be polite: many of Dreamcast's early titles appear lackluster at best. Climax Landers is one title that fans can unabashedly anticipate. A developer with a proven history and innovative gameplay features make this a title worth watching.

Preview by Andrew Vestal, GIA.
Climax Landers
Developer Climax
Publisher ESP
Genre Action RPG
Medium CD (1)
Platform Sega Dreamcast
Release Date  09.15.99
Climax Landers delayed once more
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15 character designs
North American box art