08.07.99 Climax Landers delayed once more
   The unthinkable has happened: Climax's Dreamcast action RPG has been delayed almost a month.
07.26.99 Climax Landers back on track
   Climax sets a new August release date for its oft-delayed action RPG.
07.19.99 Climax Landers grounded indefinitely
   Climax's much-needed Dreamcast RPG is postponed for an undetermined period of time, thanks to a major software bug.
05.13.99 E3: Climax Landers to reach U.S. by year's end
   Sega announces it will translate Climax's action RPG.
01.23.99 Climax Entertainment denies delay
    Climax Landers is still on track for a June 10th Japanese release, says Climax Entertainment.
01.19.98 Climax Landers mimics Working Designs
   Delayed once again, Climax's promising Action RPG for the Dreamcast is pushed back to July.
01.13.98 Climax Landers gameplay and VMS details
   Explore the randomly-generated Caves of Time -- and play more VMS games than you can shake a stick at (even a really big stick).
01.06.98 Climax Landers delayed
   ... again.
12.04.98 Climax Landers delayed
   ... it was a good release schedule, while it lasted.
Climax Landers