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   Sony's development teams have never been one for original concepts, a trend that they continue with the announcement of their latest adventure game Aconcagua. Following recent games like D2 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Aconcagua takes the player, puts them on a plane, and crashes it in a remote location. Instead of choosing a well known location such as the snowy wilderness of Canada or the Antarctic, Sony has instead chosen to put them on the incredibly popular Mount Aconcagua, the tallest mountain (6959 meters) in South America. The plot of the game is one that has been presented, either in part or in whole, in many movies and games before it: help the crash survivors off of the mountain, all the while avoiding the militant forces that are pursuing them.
"Please make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened..."

   While the actual mountain is located in Argentina near the Chilean border, Sony has split Argentina in two, putting the mountain in the non- existant country of Meruza. This split makes for what is sure to be a large part of the plot. Amongst the survivors of the plane crash is a woman named Pachamama, who happens to be a main figure in the Meruzian revolution. The as-of-yet unnamed main character's job is to find and rescue Pachamama, along with the television reporter named Kato that is making a documentary on her. While only the vaguest of story details have been revealed so far, the previously mentioned militant forces are sure to make this a difficult job.

   Sony has yet to reveal any gameplay details other than the fact that the title is supposed to play in a similar manner to Sugar & Rockets's upcoming game Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn (known as Chase the Express in Japan). More information on the title should be revealed soon.

Preview by J.T. Kauffman, GIA.
Developer SCEI
Publisher SCEI
Genre Adventure
Medium CD (2)
Platform Sony PlayStation
Release Date  06.00
Trailer movie
Black-and-white renders / Maps / Assorted artwork
Japanese box art