Monster Rancher Battle Card GB

   First there was Pokémon. Then there was Monster Rancher. Then there was Pokémon Card. What next? Monster Rancher Battle Card GB, of course.
Monsters rule!

   Unlike Pokémon Card, however, Monster Rancher Battle Card has no "real" card game after which to model itself. Instead, the designers have created their own psuedo-card game with the GBC in mind. Battles between monsters resemble fights, not card games, as monsters actually appear as living entities and duel with animated attacks. The battles can also grow to accomodate up to three monsters on each side. (A link cable mode is of course included.)

Monster shrine

   The game's plot is based off that of the Monster Rancher cartoon series. You wander the land, collecting monster "discs" and then taking them to a shrine to have them transformed into flesh-and-blood monsters -- or, in this case, flesh-and-blood trading cards. Though over 100 cards are available, you needn't collect them all to win the game. Instead, your goal is to win key rank-boosting License Matches and achieve the ultimate rating of Master Class. As you continue to boost your rank, you'll be able to unlock more powerful monsters and challenge more powerful opponents.

   With both Monster Rancher Battle Card and Pokémon Trading Card Game due out this spring, electronic card fans (assuming there are any) should have their hands full. Let's hope MR Battle Card will distinguish itself enough from its Pokémon counterpart that both games will be worth a play.

Preview by Fritz Fraundorf, GIA.
Monster Rancher Battle Card GB
Developer Tecmo
Publisher Tecmo
Genre Trading Card RPG
Medium Cartridge (? mb)
Platform Game Boy Color
Release Date  12.24.99
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