From time to time, Falcom takes time out of its busy schedule of creating soundtracks and sits down to make a game. Its latest work is Sorcerian, a Dreamcast action RPG, due out this April in two different flavors: A standard edition and a limited edition, the latter of which includes -- wait for it -- a soundtrack.

   Based on a 1988 Falcom PC game, Sorcerian updates its ancient forefather with modern gameplay and 3-D graphics. The game features 15 different missions playable in any order; 10 of them are based on those of the original, but 5 are Dreamcast-exclusive. Your overall goal is to retrieve a magic staff that, none too surprisingly, holds the key to saving the world.

Creating a character

   Towns are viewed from an overhead perspective, but all the actual action takes place in a side-scrolling (albeit polygonal) view akin that of Valkyrie Profile or Falcom's own Popful Mail. As in most action RPGs, there are no separate battle screens; you battle enemies on the same screen you explore on.

   No pre-defined characters appear in Sorcerian; instead, you allocate points to various statistics, in the style of most PC RPGs. Over 60 different job classes are available; in addition to mainstays such as Fighter and Dancer, oddities such as Farmer, Poet, and Bodyguard are included. In another weird twist, time passes as you play and causes your characters to age. Eventually, you'll move on to the next generation of characters, who inherit their abilities from their parents.

Lightning spell

   Magic in Sorcerian is created by combining the seven 'stars' from which the game takes its name: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Moon, and an unknown seventh star. Each star corresponds to a specific attack: Sun to strength, Jupiter to defense, etc. New spells are created by visiting a Sorcerer in town; the Sorcerer can also embed stars into your armor to improve its effectiveness.

   Sorcerian marks Falcom's return to console development; the company went PC-only after the 16-bit era. Though it may not be the new Ys game many were hoping for, Sorcerian at least shows that Falcom is back in the console arena.

Preview by Fritz Fraundorf, GIA.
Sorcerian: Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
Developer Nihon Falcom
Publisher Victor
Genre Action RPG
Medium GD-ROM (1)
Platform Dreamcast
Release Date  04.27.00
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