In the midst of all the big name titles being released for the Game Boy Advance, it's easy to lose track of Nintendo's real-time strategy game Napoleon, which as its name suggests is based on the famous French general. The history-oriented game certainly maintains Nintendo's recent attempts to reach older audiences as well as youths.

You sunk my battleship
Battles aren't confined to the mainland.

   Throughout the game, players will assume the roles of six generals under Napoleon's leadership. When battle commences, you take control of your general and travel around the map on horseback assigning attack locations for your troops. At least five different unit types will be available, including basic infantry, cavalry, and cannons. You can purchase additional troops by having your general enter your fortress, which will bring up a menu of options. Your goal in battle will be to defeat the enemy troops and ultimately occupy their base.

   All battles take place at a top-down camera angle. Though rather small in size, the characters are quite detailed and fluidly animated. There is a decent variety in battle environments ranging from forests to deserts and snowy plains. Napoleon's soundtrack will feature music influenced by pieces composed during the French Revolution.

Solid Snake has been detected
Troops prepare for combat.

   In standard Game Boy Advance fashion, Napoleon will include a two-player battle mode accessible to both players with use of only one cartridge. Players can use the armies trained in the story mode or battle with a standard set of troops. In addition to link cable compatibility, Napoleon will also be compatible with the Game Boy Adaptor, allowing for the possibility of playing against a friend over a cell phone. In Japan the connection will also allow players to download maps created by fellow gamers. Three times each week maps will be released and after completion players can upload their scores. Players with the highest scores will have a map released the next week with enemies placed on the battlefield at the location of they had positioned their troops.

   Though Napoleon may not have shown up on the Game Boy Advance launch list, there's still a chance that it could make its way to North America later in the year.

Preview by Alex Annis, GIA.
Developer Genki
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Strategy RPG
Medium Catridge
Platform Game Boy Advance
Release Date  03.21.01
38 screenshots
6 General portraits