Langrisser Millennium: The Birthday Eve

   Nothing sparks controversy in the gaming world the way revisions to a classic series do. Were it not for the fact that the Langrisser series is virtually unheard of in the U.S. (only the first game was translated), Langrisser Millennium: The Birthday Eve would probably ignite a similar debate. It's not just that it's the first Dreamcast Langrisser, and the first one in 3-D; the gameplay is dramatically different as well.
World map
This land is my land...

   Previous versions of Langrisser followed the traditional strategy RPG formula: A linear sequence of battles, with story sequences and shopping opportunities interspersed between conflicts. Langrisser Millennium tries a different approach; one along the same lines as Dragon Force or Brigandine. You pick from any of five different characters, each of whom controls a different area of the globe, and then set out to conquer the others' territory.

   As in Dragon Force, movement across the world map takes place in real time. Whenever two opposing forces collide, they are transported to a separate, action-oriented battle engine. Generally, your forces clash in turn-based, but certain story events call for four-on-four real-time duels. In these battles, you control one character directly, and guide the others with various AI settings. However, should you prefer not to war constantly, you can also sign alliances with other rulers. Selectable difficutly levels and an auto battle option round out Millennium's feature set.

 Status screen
New art style

   Renowned anime artist Satoshi Urushihara (now working on Growlanser with the rest of the original Langrisser team) will not return as character designer, and his replacement promises a somewhat different look for the series. Famous Japanese radio actors will supply the voices of the five main characters: Taji Asugaraf, the generic sword-slinging hero and ruler of Seiram; businesslike Nei Risun, head of the capitalistic nation of Shin; Saryun del Viderum, king of the self-titled country of Viderum; demi-human Masariba, leader of the Fenrau tribe of hunters and gatherers; and Maf Rumati, the head of a religious state. Over 100 other, neutral characters can be recruited for your forces.

   Langrisser is one of the biggest Japanese series to never make a splash in North America. But with a new look and design, this latest chapter may catch the attention of Working Designs, Ubi Soft, or some other publisher to bring English-speaking audiences this latest chapter sometime before the next millennium.

Preview by Fritz Fraundorf, GIA.
Langrisser Millennium: The Birthday Eve
Developer Masaya
Publisher Masaya
Genre Strategy RPG
Medium CD (?)
Platform Dreamcast
Release Date  Late '99
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TGS: Promotional movie
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