Dino Crisis 2

   Given Capcom's history, the announcement of a Dino Crisis sequel hardly seems surprising. While the first title brought the survival horror genre that Resident Evil pioneered into a new environment and introduced fully 3D backgrounds, Dino Crisis 2 looks to be a standard Capcom sequel, improving on the original in almost all respects, but still staying within the established formula.

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   The story, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Spielberg's "Lost World," picks up shortly after the end of the first title. Dr. Kirk, the scientist who originally develped the dinosaurs has been taken into custody, but of course others soon step in to continue his research, including the government of the small country where Dino Crisis took place. Unsurprisingly things soon go out of control, but this time the damage is far worse as the entire city where the research is being conducted is wiped off the map and a massive jungle takes its place, complete with everyone's favorite carnivores. In addition to a rescue mission, the government opts to use a top secret time travel device to send a team back in time to avert the disaster. As Regina is one of the only survivors of the first incident, she's chosen to be on the team, along with Dylan, who now becomes a playable character.

 A pack of velociraptors move in for the kill.
A pack of velociraptors move in for the kill.

   Gameplay is similar to the original with a few notable differences. The number of dinosaurs has been upped from only three different species in Dino Crisis to a whopping ten, all with their own attack styles modeled on how they're believed to have hunted. Raptors will presumably attack in packs, and so on. The sequel also takes place entirely outdoors, giving the predators the home team advantage and robbing you of valuable cover. Things are only made more difficult by the fact that now multiple dinosaurs will attack at once. In an even more unexpected twist, Regina and Dylan will be forced to fight the creatures both on the ground and underwater with the aid of some diving gear, taking the action to new claustrophobic levels. This imbalance is countered by new "anti-dinosaur weapons" that can be equipped in both hands for double the firepower. Eliminating dinosaurs with your new and improved weaponry earns you "credit points" which can then be used to purchase even cooler implements of destruction.

   Overall Dino Crisis 2 looks like an excellent title, and should make substantial improvents over its predecessor. Look for more news to come as E3 officially begins on May 11th.

Preview by Arpad Korossy, GIA.
Dino Crisis 2
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