Bomberman 2

   The Nintendo 64 is the ultimate multiplayer console. Bomberman is the ultimate multiplayer game. So gamers everywhere are frustrated by Hudson's inexplicable ability to produce a decent Bomberman game for Nintendo's "fun machine." Their first attempt, Bomberman 64, strayed too far from the series' solid multiplayer roots. Their second attempt, Bomberman Hero, weed-whacked those roots into oblivion, offering only a single-player gaming experience. This has made many people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. With Bomberman 2, Hudson appears to be atoning for their past sins.

   In one player mode you run and bomb stuff and there are enemies and bosses blah blah MULTIPLAYER MODE IS BACK, BABY! The battle levels are flat and strategic, the way battle modes should be, not foolishly height-based, as those of Bomberman 64. Hopefully, this will return the classic "Bomberman feel" to the gameplay. There will also be a new Time Trial mode, using a four-player split screen, where players race to the end of levels. Newest of all will be a two-player cooperative Quest mode, although helping another player in Bomberman is extremely counter intuitive.

   If you choose to play the Story Mode, you'll find that enemies now have energy meters and that a branching path design leads to multiple endings. Three types of bombs -- Fire, Earth, and Water -- each offer advantages and disadvantages against your foes. Bomberman can also jump, making the Story Mode into more of a platformer than ever before.

   In either mode, gamers uncomfortable with the analog stick can now use the D-pad to move their character. All indications point to Bomberman 2 finally being the Bomberman title N64 fans deserve. Count on the Bomberman freaks at the GIA to keep you informed.

Preview by Andrew Vestal.
Bomberman 2
Developer Hudson Soft
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Party
Medium Cartridge
Platform Nintendo 64
Release Date  3rd Q 99
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