Tetris 4D

   Tetris. Who hasn't played it? Perhaps the most ported game in the history of mankind, Tetris is perhaps both the most immediately accessible and fiendishly difficult puzzler. Now, the Dreamcast is getting its very own version of this seminal title.

   If you don't know how to play, here's two easy-to-remember rules:

  1. Arrange 4-block pieces into horizontal lines.
  2. Don't let the blocks hit the top of the screen.

   Advanced Tetris players use the following tip for a competitive "edge" - form two, three, or four horizontal lines simultaneously for an extra point bonus! Score! Anyways, Tetris 4D offers your basic game of Tetris with a few as yet undivulged twists. The "4D," fortunately, does not refer to a fourth spatial dimension; this would no doubt be the worst "addition" to the series since the Welltris. Instead, "4D" refers to the number of players who can compete against each other simultaneously. That number is four. Well, it's really hard to write much more about Tetris. Tetris 4D, though, is guaranteed to be a great-looking (and hopefully great-playing) version of the classic puzzler.

Preview by Andrew Vestal.
Tetris 4D
Developer Sega
Publisher Sega
Genre Puzzle
Medium CD (1)
Platform Sega Dreamcast
Release Date  Spring 99
Four screen shots