01.06.00 Square releases Chocobo World for PC
   Download this free Applet de Chocobo.
12.09.99 Final Fantasy VIII sells 1 million
   Square's latest in the Final Fantasy series pushes past a million sales in North America, bringing worldwide sales to 6 million.
11.23.99 Square announces online store, FF VIII OST U.S. release
   Square officially announces plans to resume merchandise sales in the U.S. -- including plans for the 4-CD soundtrack from Final Fantasy VIII.
11.01.99 Final Fantasy VIII PC to keep Chocobo World mini-game
   No PocketStation? No problem!
09.15.99 FF VIII sells 400,000 in first 5 days
   Correction: 400,000 copies of Final Fantasy VIII were sold up until the end of the weekend, not 175,000.
09.09.99 Final Fantasy VIII U.S. debug code
   It's a secret to everyone -- everyone but our readers!
08.19.99 FF VIII Guardian Force figures revealed
   U.S. Government awards Gilgamesh the Honorary Medal of Being the Man Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
08.13.99 FF VIII delayed... two days.
08.11.99 US FF VIII mod-friendly
   Final Fantasy VIII's Japanese lockout scheme, designed to prevent usage on modded PlayStations, won't be present in the English release.
06.21.99 New Final Fantasy VIII release date
   Square makes it official: September 7th.
05.30.99 New Final Fantasy VIII release date?
   Several sources suggest a move up to August 31.
05.13.99 E3: Final Fantasy VIII English shown
   I got a good feeling!
05.13.99 E3: Final Fantasy VIII PC revealed
   I cut myself on the graphics, they were so sharp.
05.10.99 Final Fantasy VIII and SaGa Frontier 2 announced for European release
   Sony signs on to bring two of Square's latest RPGs to Europe.
05.10.99 Final Fantasy VIII announced for PC release
   Square's latest Final Fantasy joins FF VII and Parasite Eve on the PC.
03.12.99 More on FF VIII action figures
   First photos of Bandai's Final Fantasy VIII action figures, a series of impressive 11" character models, and five super-deformed keychains are all available inside.
03.09.99 Final Fantasy VIII action figures
   Eager to act out an epic storyline worthy of Final Fantasy, but lack the dramatic skills? Bandai is coming to your rescue.
03.05.99 Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack released
   FF VIII's 4 disc soundtrack is available less than a month after the game itself.
02.27.99 Glitch found in Final Fantasy VIII
   Under the right set of circumstances, a bug in Final Fantasy VIII could cause the game to freeze.
02.24.99 Final Fantasy VIII U.S. release date
   Electronics Boutique and EB World are each asserting a September 2, 1999 release date for the English Final Fantasy VIII.
02.15.99 Unoffical FF VIII translation available
   Imported Final Fantasy VIII? An ongoing translation may help you through the start of the game.
02.15.99 FF VIII pushes past 2.5 million
   In just four days of sales, Square has already sold over 2.5 million copies of Final Fantasy VIII, making it the fastest selling PlayStation title ever.
02.12.99 FF VIII GameShark code improvement
   As many importers have already discovered, periodic mod-chip checks await within Final Fantasy VIII. But don't worry -- we've got the (hopefully) permanent fix.
02.11.99 FF VIII mod-chip scheme confirmed
   It certainly didn't take long -- the GIA brings you the GameShark codes necessary to play Final Fantasy VIII on North American systems.
02.11.99 FF VIII mod-chip scheme confirmed
   Reports from Japan indicate Final Fantasy VIII does not function on PlayStations equipped with a mod-chip.
02.09.99 FF VIII mod-chip confusion
   Conflicting reports create confusion and headaches for consumers looking to import Final Fantasy VIII.
02.08.99 Final Fantasy VIII mod-chip safe
   Japanese import company NCS reports no mod-chip protection schemes are in the first shipments of Final Fantasy VIII.
02.08.99 FF VIII breaks two million
   With just three days to go before a Japanese release, Square announces over two million pre-orders for Final Fantasy VIII.
02.03.99 Japanese FF VIII reviews
   Two Japanese publications have played through and reviewed Square's Final Fantasy VIII. Curious to learn how it fared?
02.02.99 Faye Wong FFVIII lyrics
   Faye Wong, Asia's number one pop vocalist, has performed Final Fantasy VIII's opening "Eyes On Me" in a language you'll probably recognize.
02.01.99 Final Fantasy VIII demo changes
   The Final Fantasy VIII demo sequence released with Brave Fencer Musashi will undergo quite a few changes in the actual game. Story spoilers included!
01.30.99 Final Fantasy VIII Card Battle rules revealed
   FF VIII takes the "mini" out of "mini-game".
01.29.99 Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack on the way
   A single and a complete soundtrack will soon find their way to Japanese music stores.
01.25.99 FF VIII pre-orders top one million
   Over a million Japanese consumers have already put their names down for a copy of Square's Final Fantasy VIII.
01.21.99 Final Fantasy VIII mod-chip proof?
   Importers beware -- Final Fantasy VIII may not run on mod-chipped PlayStations.
01.17.99 Final Fantasy VIII shuns treasure
   Goodbye, treasure boxes. Say hello to "draw points."
01.13.99 Final Fantasy VIII's PocketStation title named: Odekake Chocobo RPG
   Cactrots. 'Nuff said.
01.07.99 Next Generation interviews Hironobu Sakaguchi
   Sakaguchi discusses his greatest hits -- Rad Racer and 3-D Worldrunner -- his popular PC titles, and the obscure cult-hit "Final Fantasy" series.
01.06.99 Square hires Hong Kong pop star for FF VIII
   For reasons unbeknownst to the GIA, Square has hired Hong Kong's top female vocalist to record FF VIII's title song. And it only cost them ... one MEEE-li-on dollars!! <raises pinky to mouth>
01.03.99 FF VIII reservations reach 500,000 in one week
   Final Fantasy VIII aims to set new sales records in Japan with the aid of a special reservation offer.
12.22.98 More Final Fantasy VIII plot details
   New uncovered information paints an early picture of Final Fantasy VIII's plot. Some are intriguing background details, while others are clearly spoilers. Read at your own risk!
12.22.98 Final Fantasy VIII's vehicles
   Minor details emerge on vehicles planned in Square's next Final Fantasy.
12.06.98 Final Fantasy VIII's Laguna, and more
   The latest issue of Shonen Jump in Japan finally reveals Laguna Loire, as well as a possible "airship" and other enticing tidbits.
11.28.98 Yet More Final Fantasy VIII Tidbits
   Information about Limit Breaks and other goodies is leaked from Japan
11.22.98 Final Fantasy VIII's Cid revealed
   Final Fantasy VIII's Cid is revealed! And he looks different from what you might expect ...
Final Fantasy VIII