Final Fantasy VIII's PocketStation title named: Odekake Chocobo RPG

[01.13.99] » Cactrots. 'Nuff said.

   Final Fantasy VIII's PocketStation title finally received a name: Odekake Chocobo RPG. As near as this Japanese-illiterate person can tell, "odekake" translates as "outing" or "excursion." The main character is named Kochocobo, not Chocobo.

   Also explained were the statistics found in the set of previously released pictures. The digits are, from left to right, the enemy HP, the enemy's ATB meter, Kochocobo's ATB meter, and Kochocobo's HP. At points in the minigame, Kochocobo will receive items from a variety of characters. The aforementioned pictures show the chocobo receiving a present from a Cactrot. Sources at the Tokyo Game Show reveal that Cactrot was prominently featured on Final Fantasy VIII promotional t-shirts. GIA agents are investigating as we speak.

It is unknown how the PocketStation title will affect gameplay, but it is suspected that either Chocobo breeding or Guardian Force improvement will be integrated into the portable system.

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