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[03.12.99] » First photos of Bandai's Final Fantasy VIII action figures, a series of impressive 11" character models, and five super-deformed keychains are all available inside.

   A few days ago, we mentioned Bandai will once again be releasing a series of Final Fantasy action figures in North America. For $12.99 each, a variety of Final Fantasy VIII characters may be purchased beginning on June 30, 1999. The first photo below presents Squall, Rinoa, Laguna, and Zell. Considering each figure is only a few inches tall, the detail and quality seems high. (Thanks to Game Informer for the photo.)

   Separate from the action figures mentioned above (and a series of 6" figures mentioned earlier), the Japanese market is also getting a series of 11" FF VIII character models, as seen in the second photo. Rinoa and Freu--err, Squall are extremely lifelike -- the models' designers certainly put a lot of effort into these figures. Unfortunately, a North American manufacturing run doesn't seem to be in the works at the moment.

   Lastly, the Japanese market is also receiving a series of Final Fantsay VIII keychains. The "super-deformed" characters are incredibly appealing -- the GIA's staff has already had several heated debates over which character is the absolute coolest. (This writer says Seifer, of course.) Again, no North American release is planned as of yet.

   On a related note, unit sales of Final Fantasy VIII have climbed over 3.27 million copies in just one short month since the game's release. At 7,800 yen a copy, the game has now grossed over 25 billion yen in Japan.

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