Final Fantasy VIII action figures

[03.09.99] » Eager to act out an epic storyline worthy of Final Fantasy, but lack the dramatic skills? Bandai is coming to your rescue.

   Are playing video games sometimes just not enough for you? Do you long to return to the idyll of childhood and smash action figures into one another violently? As mentioned previously, you'll soon have a chance to do so with the latest Final Fantasy merchandise from Bandai.

   Many of Final Fantasy VIII's main characters will be made available -- Squall, Laguna, Rinoa, and Zell have been confirmed -- while other characters (like Seifer) should be manufactured as well. In addition to the human characters, a series of Guardian Force monsters will also find their way onto store shelves. Similar to the Final Fantasy VII Avalanche Pack, there will be a series of bundles to group various action figures together, including a special bundle with a normally unavailable figure thrown in.

   According to Electronics Boutique, the figures will be available on June 30, 1999, for $12.99 US apiece. Additionally, another set of 6" figures will be retailing in mid-September, soon after Final Fantasy VIII's projected release date of September 2nd. The 6" figures will sell for $29.99 each.

   Many thanks to spy-wannabe Rich Jordan for the info.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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