01.03.00 Seifer vs. Odin resin statue
12.23.99 CD case, memory card case, calendar and jersey
11.04.99 European box art and CDs
10.01.99 Television ad
09.12.99 Disc art
09.12.99 Manual cover
09.12.99 Ad poster
08.18.99 EB promotional 24"x24" world map
08.07.99 Guardian Force figure close-ups
08.07.99 Seifer and Selphie figures
07.29.99 US packaging, back
07.16.99 US packaging
06.16.99Guardian Force action figures
05.29.99Squall and Rinoa statuettes
04.22.99More FF VIII merchandise
03.20.99 Soundtrack packaging | 1 | 2
02.25.99CD scans
02.25.99Complete instruction manual
02.11.99Assorted merchandise | 1 | 2
02.03.99Final Japanese packaging
01.29.98Partial world map, take two
01.24.98Partial world map
01.20.98Japanese subway ads
01.18.98Japanese packaging
01.12.98Digicube FFVIII advertisement
Final Fantasy VIII