Final Fantasy VIII U.S. release date

[02.24.99] » Electronics Boutique and EB World are each asserting a September 2, 1999 release date for the English Final Fantasy VIII.

   Even though the Final Fantasy VIII U.S. demo included with Brave Fencer Musashi flashed "Winter 1999" after the final climactic sequence, it looks like North American RPG enthusiasts won't be forced to wait quite that long. Corroborating an earlier news story, both Electronics Boutique and its online presence EB World are now asserting a September 2, 1999 release date for Final Fantasy VIII in North America.

   Oddly enough, the date is not publically available in EB World's online database of upcoming titles. A representative for EB World claimed, however, that the title is indeed slated for the 2nd in the company's computers. A sales associate for a local Electronics Boutique offered the same date, further stressing that while the date is subject to change, it "is not an estimate. That's the exact date we've heard."

   Square EA was not available for comment. The company still maintains a Fall 1999 release date on their homepage.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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