Final Fantasy VIII's Cid revealed

[11.22.98] » Final Fantasy VIII's Cid is revealed! And he looks different from what you might expect ...

   The first pictures of Final Fantasy VIII's Cid were recently released to the Internet, and GIA is there with the scoop. This is a calmer, more mature Cid than the brash and foul-mouthed Cid of Final Fantasy VII. But look at his eyes ... there's still that spark that all Cids have always shared. He may be forced to wear a suit, but he doesn't let it keep him down.

   Cid is said to be the principal of the elite military school Garden. This would, of course, make him the world's greatest warrior. We Cid fans aren't surprised.

   Pictures of Cid have been added to our Final Fantasy VIII artwork section. Enjoy!

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Final Fantasy VIII
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