Final Fantasy VIII and SaGa Frontier 2 announced for European release

[05.10.99] » Sony signs on to bring two of Square's latest RPGs to Europe.

   North American gamers may complain about missing out on some of Japan's biggest hits, but it's actually Europe who gets the shortest end of the stick -- numerous major RPG releases have missed the continent completely.

   The situation is at least a bit brighter in the near future, however. Sony Europe announced it would be releasing both Final Fantasy VIII and SaGa Frontier 2, though no release dates were specified.

   Also on its way to Europe is the Platinum release (equivalent to North America's Greatest Hits releases) of Final Fantasy VII. Due to be released on May 28th, the rerelease will include the playable demo of FF VII that U.S. and Japanese gamers received with Brave Fencer Musashi.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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