Final Fantasy VIII mod-chip safe

[02.08.99] » Japanese import company NCS reports no mod-chip protection schemes are in the first shipments of Final Fantasy VIII.

   According to National Console Support, the first shipments of Final Fantasy VIII are arriving without the feared mod-chip lockout encryptions. The lockout, already present on IQ Final and Poporogue, is designed to prevent the use of PlayStation games on mod-chip equipped systems. Designed primarily to squash piracy in Japan, the lockout also prevents foreign importers from playing games on their home systems.

   Reports previously indicated that Final Fantasy VIII would utilize these schemes, but for whatever reason the discs now appear to be lockout-free. Additionally, thanks to advance shipping to import retailers, many in the US who have pre-ordered Square's latest RPG will likely receive the game on February 11 (if shipped overnight through the retailer).

   On a related note, it seems as though Sony is attempting to crack down on mod-chip installers in the United States. One prominent chipper, Game Mods and More, recently updated their site with news of a letter from Sony proclaiming mod-chipping has now become illegal. The company has now ceased all mod-chip installations, and claims Sony is seeking to contact more companies.

   Thanks to Michael Kelehan.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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