E3: Final Fantasy VIII PC revealed

[05.13.99] » I cut myself on the graphics, they were so sharp

   Final Fantasy VIII for the PC, on display at Square EA's booth at E3, showcased and cycled between three playable battle sequences. Three summons were available for the player to unleash upon their foes (Shiva, Pandemonium, Grashabarashas (spelling questionable)). The 3D accelerated graphics were mind-bogglingly sharp and a significant improvement over the PlayStation version. As mentioned in the press release, the facial detail of the characters has been significantly improved, so they don't pixelate horribly when zoomed in on by the cameras. Unfortunately, the 2D backgrounds found in battles still need a little tweaking - but at this early stage, the title appears extremely promising.

   It is assumed that Square EA is the publisher, as the title is showing at the company's booth. Interestingly, the PC version of the game was being demoed in Japanese! Is a PC release in the Japanese market in the works? Or was there simply not time to localize before E3? More as we discover it!

Final Fantasy VIII
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