Final Fantasy VIII announced for PC release

[05.10.99] » Square's latest Final Fantasy joins FF VII and Parasite Eve on the PC.

   The question of whether or not Final Fantasy VIII would follow in its predecessor's footsteps by being ported to the PC has been a persistent once since the first announcement of FF VIII. At last, the speculation is met with an answer: Yes.

   Square's third PC release (after FF VII and Parasite Eve), FF VIII's PC release will arrive this winter. "Square Soft is extremely excited to bring Final Fantasy VIII to PC consumers," said Jun Iwasaki, president of Square EA. "Final Fantasy VIII promises to become the benchmark for RPGs on the PC."

   No word on who would be handling the port was available, nor who it would be published by (last year's FF VII PC was ported and released by Eidos; an agreement struck before the formation of Square EA).

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Final Fantasy VIII
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