Final Fantasy VIII demo changes

[02.01.99] » The Final Fantasy VIII demo sequence released with Brave Fencer Musashi will undergo quite a few changes in the actual game. Story spoilers included!

   Those who purchased either the American or Japanese releases of Brave Fencer Musashi found a Final Fantasy VIII demo disc included. The completely playable demo gave players an appetite-whetting look at Square's next installment to the series -- a technique that Square has used previously with Final Fantasy VII when Tobal No. 1 was released. And now, just like the FF VII demo disc, the final game will have noticeable differences when the demo-based sequence is included.

   What's surprising this time around is just how deep the changes run. While FF VII's demo only gave you an additional player to control (Aeris), Square decided with Final Fantasy VIII to actually change the pre-rendered CG footage in the demo to match the characters used. Take a look below: (more text follows afterwards)

Before   After

   Astute readers will notice that Garden recruit Selphie replaces the blue-dressed Rinoa. In addition, all three characters (Squall, Zell, and Selphie) are dressed in SeeD military garb, and the group's teacher, Kistis, replaces the man operating the boat's machine gun. The casual clothes Squall and Zell are seen wearing in the original demo will appear later in the game when formal uniforms are no longer needed. Dialogue, as well, will be changed in the final version to reflect the differences.

   So, what happened to Rinoa? The mission to Dollet's shores visible above occurs early in the game. Squall first embarks on a mission to a volcano in order to graduate to the elite Garden "SeeD" ranking. After obtaining the formal SeeD outfits, the group heads off on a second mission to the Dollet Dukedom, as seen in the demo. It isn't until after the Dollet Dukedom mission that formal ball for SeeD graduates takes place. It's at this ball that Squall first meets, and dances with the mysterious Rinoa before parting ways. The two later meet when Squall and his companions are dispatched to Timber, Rinoa's hometown.

   A great big thanks to the fine people at for providing us with the scans.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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