New Final Fantasy VIII release date?

[05.30.99] » Several sources suggest a move up to August 31.

   Originally believed to be scheduled for a release in the crowded first week of September, Final Fantasy VIII now appears to have moved to an August 31st release date, according to several independent sources.

   Retailer Babbages' lists FF VIII with an August 31st date. In addition, a recent issue of Tips & Tricks magazine claims that Square leaked the August 31st date as official at E3. Although not necessarily correct on their own, the two reports lend each other credence and make the change a likely possiblity.

   If true, the release date change gives Final Fantasy VIII a little more breathing room in the face of Sega's long-awaited Dreamcast system (September 9) and Capcom's Dino Crisis (September 16).

   Thanks to SOLDIER_1stClass for the lead.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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