Final Fantasy VIII shuns treasure

[01.17.99] » Goodbye, treasure boxes. Say hello to "draw points."

 Draw points
"Draw points"

   According to the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly in Japan, Square has decided to completely nix treasure chests in their upcoming Final Fantasy VIII. For the first time in the series, players looking for special weapons, armor, and items will have to obtain these items from other sources, such as characters that reward the party when a task is completed.

   Instead of treasure chests littering dungeons, Square is including colored orbs known as "draw points" that give the player a random magic spell each time. Final Fantasy VIII's magic system uses the "Draw" command in battle to suck limited quantities of magic from a foe. Collecting draw points from dungeons will now also add to your supply. The screen to the right has a purple draw point located on the right side of the image.

   Will removing treasure chests hurt Square's highly anticipated juggernaut? We presented the news to a few fans of the series, who responded with concerns that dungeon exploration would be dull and tedious without a variety of items as rewards. As always, Final Fantasy VIII is set for a February 11th release in Japan with a North American translation slated for Fall or Winter of 1999.

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