FF VIII GameShark codes discovered

[02.11.99] » It certainly didn't take long -- the GIA brings you the GameShark codes necessary to play Final Fantasy VIII on North American systems.

   In addition to the GameShark codes we confirmed last night (original story available below), two new sets of codes have become available for usage with the Magic Key and Pro Action Replay code peripherals. Use of these codes allow Final Fantasy VIII to successfully boot and function on US PlayStation systems:

    D009B1B8 6D09
    8009B1B 8000

   Another possible combination is:

    D009B1B A002
    B009B1B A000

   Thanks to NCS for the new codes.

   Just a few hours ago, we mentioned that Final Fantasy VIII does indeed contain encryption schemes designed to prevent the game from functioning on mod-chipped systems. Already, however, we've received and confirmed a series of GameShark codes which, when inputted, will allow the game to function on modded systems. The codes are:

    D009D182 0000
    8009B182 2402

   With these confirmed codes used together, the game will successfully boot and run on North American PlayStations equipped with a mod-chip. A huge thank you is extended to Andy Tran.

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