FF VIII pre-orders top one million

[01.25.99] » Over a million Japanese consumers have already put their names down for a copy of Square's Final Fantasy VIII.

   Square of Japan announced today that from the period between December 22 and January 22, over a million pre-orders had been made for their upcoming Final Fantasy VIII. In fact, as of January 24, exactly 1,078,017 reservations had been placed in order to claim a copy of the game when it is released on February 11th. Over 17,600 retailers are currently accepting pre-orders, including the Square-owned Digicube convenience chain.

   With over a million reservations made over the course of a month, Final Fantasy VIII is already well on its way to outsell the previous installment to the series. Final Fantasy VII took six weeks before the million pre-order mark was broken. With approximately two weeks left to go before FF VIII's release in Japan, chances are Square's newest title will break FF VII's record of 1.5 million pre-orders since reservation rates usually increase as a game's release nears.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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