Final Fantasy VIII sells 1 million

[12.09.99] » Square's latest in the Final Fantasy series pushes past one million sales in North America, bringing worldwide sales to 6 million.

   Square Electronic Arts announced today that Final Fantasy VIII has sold over a million copies in North America to date since its September release, bringing in over $50 million dollars of revenue. Despite a smaller advertising impact, the figure puts Final Fantasy VIII within arms reach of Final Fantasy VII's 1.6 million-plus record in North America -- with the Christmas shopping season still ongoing. Square also expects the figure to increase dramatically after the release of Final Fantasy VIII for PC in January.

   "FINAL FANTASY VIII has grossed more than $50 million in revenue in only 13 weeks of sales in North America," said Jun Iwasaki, president of Square EA. "With the holidays still ahead, we anticipate that FINAL FANTASY VIII will continue to break sales records."

   Of course, the number of units sold in North America still remains dwarfed by the series' popularity in Japan, where over 2.5 million copies were sold within 4 days of release. All in all, 6 million copies of Final Fantasy VIII have been sold worldwide, totalling moer than 25 million copies sold throughout the series' history.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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