E3: Final Fantasy VIII English shown

[05.13.99] » I got a good feeling!

   Square was showing the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VIII - in English - and it was looking pretty good. Most of the menus and dialogue (of the shown sequences) were completely in English. Various parts (Selphie and Squall's post-dance discussion, Disc 2's Fisherman's Wharf 'arrival') were shown. The translation, at this point, was unfortunately fairly stilted ("I want to meet you at a 'secret place,' says Quistis), but it is expected that this is an early draft and that Square will polish it before the September release. We hope. A lot.

   Otherwise, the game looks and plays like its excellent Japanese release. If the translation and dialogue can be brought up to the standards set by the rest of the game, Square will have an undeniable classic on their hands. Otherwise, they'll just have a best seller.

Final Fantasy VIII
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