Final Fantasy VIII U.S. debug code

[09.09.99] » It's a secret to everyone -- everyone but our readers!

   The GameShark community has been abuzz in recent weeks with the discovery of secret debug modes in popular Square titles. Now, GameShark hacker Nick "Rox" Des Barres has unleashed the debug mode of Final Fantasy VIII U.S - and given the code exclusively to the GIA. As usual, these codes require the use of a GameShark, the rooms themselves are poorly translated and buggy, and the GIA can provide no assistance for this code. Use at your own risk.

   The code is:

D0082DEE 0100
800704A8 0000
D0082DEE 0100
8005F14E 0049

   Enter the code and start the game. Find your way to a non-world map area (the sort with the pre-rendered backgrounds). While holding down SELECT (and no other buttons whatsoever), press the Menu button. You may have to press the Menu button twice to get it to work. Now, talk to the various inhabitants to warp to other areas of the game, change and reset game logic flags, and more. To return to the main debug room, hold down SELECT and press the Menu button again -- this can be helpful when your party becomes "stuck" in one of the other rooms. Remember, the GIA can provide no assistance for this code.

   Nick "Rox" Des Barres has produced this code exclusively for the GIA and requests that it not be duplicated or published on other gaming sites. So we're passing his wishes along: please don't duplicate or publish this code on your gaming site. Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy the code!

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