Final Fantasy VIII PC to keep Chocobo World mini-game

[11.01.99] » No PocketStation? No problem!

   Between all the talk of 3D acceleration, enhanced texture resolution, and unique instrument sound sets, one of Final Fantasy VIII's most distinctive features has been forgotten: Chocobo raising. PlayStation gamers could capture a Chicobo and download him to Sony's PocketStation, where a simple (yet entertaining) minigame let them raise the little fowl.

   But the PC, of course, has no PocketStation -- so how will gamers raise Chocobos now? It is now known that FF VIII PC will feature a separate Chocobo World mini-applet you can run independently from the main FF VIII game. Raise your Chicobo in his own tiny windowed world, then transfer him back to the main game. Given the PocketStation's non-release in the U.S., this may be the best way for many English-speaking gamers to get their hands on Chocobo raising. What changes will be made to the Chocobo World mini-game, if any, are currently unknown.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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