Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack released

[03.05.99] » FF VIII's 4 disc soundtrack is available less than a month after the game itself.

   Contrary to previous reports that it would not arrive until March 10th, Final Fantasy VIII's soundtrack has already found its way into Japanese music stores. It joins the single of the game's theme song, "Eyes on Me," released back in February.

   Retailing for 3783 yen (approximately $30.82 US), the soundtrack spans four discs and includes every piece of music from the game. Square has abandoned the traditional jewel boxes for this release and instead packaged the set inside a hard cover resembling that of a novel. The four CDs are accompanied by a 10-page booklet with artwork, lyrics, and even a brief interview with famed composer Nobuo Uematsu.

   Final Fantasy VII's soundtrack reached the third spot on the Japanese pop music charts on the week of its release. Could Final Fantasy VIII break its record by becoming the first game soundtrack to hit #1? We'll find out shortly.

   Importer National Console Support has already begun carrying the soundtrack with a price tag of $50.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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