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[11.28.98] » Information about Limit Breaks and other goodies is leaked from Japan

   We can't help it -- Final Fantasy VIII is hot, and our readers want to hear about it in the smallest detail. While we won't ever give away key plot points (that's what the game's for!), here's some new info gleamed from the latest issue of Japan's The PlayStation magazine.

Zell's Limit 
Street Fightin' Zell  

   First of all, new information on several characters' Limit Breaks has been revealed. One of Zell's Limits was seen in the demo packaged with Brave Fencer Musashi, but apparently one of his later Limits is the use of martial arts, with different attacks coming from different buttons and directional sequences. Multiple attacks are also possible with combos. For example, down - circle - up - circle will initiate an attack called "Meteo Strike." (Zell even looks like Final Fantasy VI's Sabin...)

   Selphie Tilmitt, a recently revealed nunchaku-wielding fighter, has a Limit Break known as "Slot." From what we can tell, it seems as though it is a souped-up "Draw" command, except the list of magic spells available for use or storage contains random spells, even powerful magics which the player may not have yet obtained. Selphie's Slot options also seem to be far more powerful when she is on the verge of death.

   Quistis Trepe, Balamb Garden's 18 year old teacher, has three Limit Breaks that we've seen so far. One is called "Mazer Eye," where multiple, powerful streams of energy are shot out of her eyes. Two others she obtains in the game are "Hyper Quake," and "Lightning Stroke."

   Irvine Kinneas, a gun-toting westerner, uses a rather unique Limit Break called "Shot." After first selecting the bullet type you'd like to use (and making sure you have enough!), you fire multiple rounds at the enemy by hitting R1 as quickly as possible until the ATB gauge has shrunk down to 0. We've also learned that Irvine is a Garden student, but studies at the Galbadian Garden, as opposed to the Balamb Garden that Squall, Zell, Rinoa, and Seifer attend. Irvine brags about his skills with a gun, and his romanticism and confidence hides his true sensitivity and compassion within.

   Saving the best for last, we've got a bit more info on Balamb Garden's principal, Cid. His last name is Kramer, and due to some sort of incident or event in his past he was forced to found the Balamb Garden. Students trust him implicitly, howerver, and Cid cares deeply about the growth of every person under his care.

   Be sure to check out the new screen shots and artwork from The PlayStation magazine. Thanks to Rei Urabe for the scans and the excellent translation.

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