Square releases Chocobo World for PC

[01.06.00] » Download this free Applet de Chocobo.

   Gamers who bought FF8 for PSX were taunted by a glaring omission from the English language version: the PocketStation mini-game, "Chocobo World." The necessary code was all in place, but the PocketStation peripheral was tragically on Japanese shores. Now, PC owners can catch up on the fun, excitement, and endless hours of joy they were missing out on with Chocobo World for the PC!

   Interested gamers should get the mini-game at ff8-pc.com.

   Since instructions are apparently missing, here's a quick overview. Use the arrow keys to move the Chocobo and CTRL to "do" things. You can check the map by hitting CTRL on the walking screen. Maneuver Chocobo towards the dots to have an Event. You will usually meet with enemies; alternatively hit left and right to make your ATB drop. When it drops to zero, you attack. Drop faster than the enemy for best results. Damage is randomly selected from the four "attack strengths" of your weapon. For example, a 2/1/1/0 weapon has a 25% chance of hitting for 2 damage, 50% chance of 1 damage, and 25% chance of missing entirely. Collect items from Cactuar (they don't become concrete items until they're transfered into the game proper), and get new weapons from Moomba. If you're lucky, you'll rescue Mog!

   FF8 PC is due out January 25th. Until then, why not power up your Chocobo in anticipation of the game's release? Well, because you could be playing another RPG in the meantime ... but that's beside the point.

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