FF VIII GameShark code improvement

[02.12.99] » As many importers have already discovered, periodic mod-chip checks await within Final Fantasy VIII. But don't worry -- we've got the (hopefully) permanent fix.

   Just recently, we let you know of a series of GameShark / Action Replay / Magic Key codes that allow Final Fantasy VIII to boot up and run successfully on US and European Sony PlayStations equipped with a mod-chip. As many importers have discovered, however, the game suddenly fails to function at periodic points during gameplay. Sony is evidently putting forth a stronger effort into their protection schemes.

   Just as quickly, though, comes a new code designed to ensure the game functions across all of these "checkpoints." We've confirmed that the game does indeed function past the first two checkpoints, and should presumably work for all remaining checks. The code, which works with the GameShark, Pro Action Replay, and Magic Key (caetla) peripherals is:

    D009B2B0 FFF3
    8009B2E0 0046
    D009B2B0 FFF3
    8009B2E2 1000

   Please note that all four codes must be inputted exactly in the order above. You may notice the first and third codes are identical -- this is intentional, and imperative for the code to function properly.

   Thanks to a mysterious fellow in gold chains calling himself "Mr. T" for contributing the codes to the GIA.

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