Final Fantasy VIII mod-chip proof?

[01.21.99] » Importers beware -- Final Fantasy VIII may not run on mod-chipped PlayStations.

   Anyone planning on purchasing the Japanese release of Final Fantasy VIII might want to reconsider... you might not be able to play it. Magic Box reported today the highly-anticipated RPG will use Sony's new lock-out system to prevent its recent games from being played on systems equipped with mod-chips.

   The anti-mod-chip system is not entirely new, as Sony has used it on a few of its previous titles, such as Poporogue. However, Final Fantasy VIII is the first high-profile game to make use of the technology.

   Some hope still remains. Apparently, Poporogue was recalled after it was discovered earlier-model Japanese PlayStations couldn't play the game either, and Sony may have since stopped using the system. On the other hand, the system may have been fixed since that time, so it's still up in the air.

   A new mod-chip that can play even the protected games is apparently already available. Any PlayStation systems with the current mod-chip, though, will not be able to play Final Fantasy VIII (assuming the system is used). With its compatibility at issue, those of you who were planning on purchasing the import version of the game may have to wait for the English release later this year.

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Final Fantasy VIII
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