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October 1999
10.29.99 No Biohazard 2 Plus for the U.S.?
10.29.99 Exciting new Shen Mue mini-games, control system
10.28.99 Sakura Taisen 3 release date announced
10.28.99 Resident Evil 2 for N64 delayed
10.28.99 Pokémon Stadium to include Transfer Pak
10.28.99 Baroque hits Japan
10.27.99 Alundra 2 gameplay details
10.27.99 Pokémon Silver + Gold to possibly arrive in limited quantities
10.26.99 Eternal Arcadia battle details
10.26.99 Hello Kitty Dreamcasts available in Japan
10.26.99 Arc the Lad anime series to be translated to English
10.26.99 Grandia released
10.26.99 Final Fantasy IX delayed?
10.26.99 Final Fantasy VIII to be released in multiple new languages
10.25.99 Dreamcast cable modem support planned
10.25.99 RPG Maker U.S.-bound?
10.23.99 Seventh Cross in November?
10.23.99 Parasite Eve 2 "Bounty Point" system revealed
10.22.99 Soumatou confirmed for U.S. release
10.22.99 Valkyrie Profile U.S.-bound
10.22.99 Game Boy Zelda titles delayed
10.22.99 Enix to publish Dragon Quest VII in North America
10.21.99 More on Dreamcast Resident Evil 2
10.21.99 Capcom revises Japanese release schedule
10.21.99 Square Millennium postponed
10.21.99 Arc the Lad III gameplay details
10.21.99 Pokémon: The Second Movie?
10.21.99 Koudelka delayed - again
10.21.99 Square soundtracks revealed
10.21.99 Square soundtracks revealed
10.20.99 New character and gamplay information on Resident Evil: Code Veronica
10.19.99 WinBack released
10.18.99 Pokemon Yellow is released
10.18.99 More PlayStation 2 details released
10.18.99 Dragon Quest VII monster designs, new logo
10.18.99 Dragon Quest VII still due out in 1999
10.18.99 Sakura Taisen 3 announced
10.18.99 Falcom does Dreamcast
10.18.99 Capcom sets Resident Evil release dates
10.18.99 Enix re-opens U.S. branch
10.17.99 More Chrono Cross characters
10.17.99 Sakura Taisen 3 to be announced tomorrow
10.16.99 Famitsu reviews Black/Matrix AD
10.15.99 Nintendo announces Pocket Pikachu Color
10.14.99 Climax Landers U.S. release date set
10.14.99 CD-based Pro Action Replay announced
10.14.99 Activision to publish English Alundra 2
10.14.99 Thousand Arms released
10.13.99 Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions released
10.13.99 Lunar to cease sales on December 31
10.13.99 Wild Arms TV character designs
10.12.99 Uncharted Waters IV release date announced
10.12.99 D2 enters beta stage
10.12.99 More Chu-Chu Rockets gameplay details
10.11.99 Evolution 2 to feature voice acting
10.11.99 Grandia demo released
10.11.99 Wild Arms on TV
10.11.99 From Software announces Evergrace
10.09.99 Evil Dead adventure game announced
10.09.99 Dragon Quest VII to feature Job System
10.08.99 Carrier delayed
10.08.99 Famitsu grades latest RPGs
10.08.99 Chrono Cross to feature over forty playable characters
10.07.99 No English Shen Mue until fall 2000
10.06.99 Koudelka delayed
10.06.99 Square talks Yokohama
10.06.99 Evolution 2 gets Japanese release date
10.05.99 Tecmo announces third Deception title
10.05.99 Final Fantasy Anthology ships
10.04.99 "Vicks" receives FF Anthology name change
10.04.99 Final Fantasy VIII arranged soundtrack confirmed
10.04.99 Palisades summons FF VIII Guardian Force figures to U.S.
10.04.99 Resident Evil: Code Veronica delayed
10.04.99 Chrono Cross cast revealed
10.01.99 Final Fantasy Anthology soundtrack listing
10.01.99 Square's 11.23 Yokohama conference rumors
10.01.99 Namco forms RPG-specific subsidiary
10.01.99 Shen Mue delayed
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