RPG Maker U.S.-bound?

[10.25.99] » Agetec's RPG creation title may finally be translated.

   According to videogames.com, Agetec is once again planning to bring an RPG-making title to North America. This time, the "game" is set to hit store shelves in the spring of 2000. The infamous RPG creation / customization title, known as RPG Maker 3 in Japan, met with a series of announcements and cancellations last year, and was believed to be dead for good. However, the recent mild success of the similarly-themed Fighter Maker may have changed Agetec's mind once again. This time, the title in contention for localization is RPG Tsukuuru (School) 3, a title with improved options and graphics over the original RPG Maker. Gamers convinced they can create their own role-playing masterpieces should keep their fingers crossed that, this time, the title stays on track.

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