Square soundtracks revealed

[10.21.99] » The Final Fantasy VIII arranged soundtrack is joined by a smattering of OSVs.

   DigiCube recently updated their game soundtrack section with a variety of upcoming disc data. On November 20th, 1999, two CDs are due to ship: "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec - Final Fantasy VIII" and the "Dewprism Original Soundtrack." Game soundtrack afficionados now know the name of the eagerly anticipated Final Fantasy Arranged soundtrack. Both have a price point of 2,718 yen.

   That's all until December 18th, when three soundtracks for three games hit the streets: Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack at 1,942 yen; Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack at 3,204 yen, and Parasite Eve 2 Original Soundtrack at 2,718 yen. The Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack has an exceptionally low price point and is likely a single-disc "Greatest Hits" compilation -- not the full soundtrack released in 1995. Chrono Cross's cost, on the other hand, suggests a three-disc set of Yasunori Mitsuda's latest compositions. Finally, Parasite Eve 2's soundtrack will likely be two discs, given its price point and the size of the first game's score.

   As usual, Square has no plans to release these soundtracks in the U.S.; interested gamers should contact their favorite import store.

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